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If your looking for dedicated, service orientated underground works professionals who are client focused,  then you have come to the right people. At AMT Industries we have been providing specialist underground boring techniques to the telecommunications and energy services sectors in Melbourne for 20 years.

Through years of economic peaks and troughs we have stood strong, and maintained our position within the industry through our commitment to providing our clients with professional, specialist, and cost effective boring solutions. 

When installing, we aim for you to barely even know we were there, by using refined boring drilling and excavating techniques to install conduits and pits for your services, and returning any altered surfaces to their original condition. We also strive to apply this to open trench pit and conduit laying.

Conducting underground works has its risks, to both workers and businesses. 

To mitigate such risks we utilize all available resources to locate any existing infrastructure and services such as power, comms, water and gas prior to the commencement of work.

We do this to ensure that there will be no disruptions to your business or surrounding businesses, as well as ensuring the highest level of safety for our workers, your employees and members of the public.

During cut in to existing service.

Reinstatement of flora and tanbark on completion of pit installation.