AMT Industries Pty Ltd 

Underground Boring and Subsurface Provisions

Earth Displacement Boring

We use earth displacement borers or moles, to create underground voids to allow for the installation of various sizes and types of conduits, such as HD electrical, telstra, and irrigation. These moles allow us to bore under roads, foot paths, drive ways and property boundaries without causing any disruption to traffic. This technique has little impact to ground level surfaces that need to be removed to allow for mole insertion. Upon completion surfaces are re-instated to their original condition.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Using Directional Drills allows us to travel greater distances and under deeper obstacles such as creeks, high ways, and in some circumstances buildings. It also gives us a greater control of the bores trajectory, through bore control and the use tracking equipment. This technique has a very low surface level and environmental impact.


Sometimes we have no choice but to dig. Generally this is to obtain a specified gradient for the conduits being installed, pit and pipe assemblies, as well as allowing for the installation of any pipe protection systems such as crushed rock.

Pit and Conduit Installation

Where there's pipe theres pits. We install various size poly pits depending on what it needs to protect, or how much access it needs to provide. All pits have cement or in some cases steel lids, they can be used to house telecomunitions splitters or branches, electrical junctions, valves and joints. 

Conctrete Cutting

Onbaord all vehicles is concrette cutting and removal equipment, to remove sections of footpaths, driveways and roads as required. We can also carry out private concrete removal works.

Areas We Cover